Sen. Roach honored for work to protect children from internet-based crimes

By Pam Roach | Published: October 05, 2015
Washington’s Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force today honored Sen. Pam Roach for securing state funding that will let the organization target more of the sex criminals who use the internet to prey on children. “ICAC needed more resources to hire more investigators to go after those who create and trade online in child sex-abuse...
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Schoesler named ‘Legislative Champion’ by Washington Association of Realtors

By Mark Schoesler | Published: September 22, 2015
Schoesler, R-Ritzville, is a co-winner of the award with Sen. Andy Hill of Redmond, the Senate majority’s budget chief. They helped lead the Legislature to adopt a new 2015-17 operating budget which is balanced without general tax increases that would have hit Main Street employers and family-level investors.
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Sen. Roach named to state’s new anti-trafficking task force

By Pam Roach | Published: September 22, 2015
Sen. Pam Roach’s work to protect children and families now includes serving on the new state task force against the trafficking of persons. She was appointed to the position today by the Senate majority leader. “This fits right in with my efforts to target sex criminals who use the internet to prey on children,” said...
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Ericksen says governor lacks authority under greenhouse-gas law to impose carbon plan by executive order

By Doug Ericksen | Published: September 03, 2015
Opinion from attorney general provides support to Ericksen’s position Sen. Doug Ericksen says an opinion from the state attorney general’s office confirms his belief that Gov. Jay Inslee is not required to pursue a carbon-emissions cap based on the state law that sets future emissions goals. Ericksen, who chairs the Senate Energy, Environment and Telecommunications...
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Early learning investments will be in good hands with Hunter

By Andy Hill | Published: August 31, 2015
Following the announcement that Rep. Ross Hunter, the House of Representatives chief budget writer, would be stepping down to become the new director of the state’s Department of Early Learning, Sen. Andy Hill wished his budget-writing counterpart well. “Having spent countless hours working with Representative Hunter I’m pleased he’ll be leading Washington’s early learning efforts...
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Senate majority makes college more affordable with historic tuition cuts

By Majority Coalition Caucus | Published: July 27, 2015
Senate Majority leader Mark Schoesler recaps the news coverage of an historic session: ‘Historic’ tuition cut sets state apart from rest of U.S. Seattle Times, June 13, 2015 Washington’s move isn’t well-known elsewhere in the country, but some say it could spur other states to think about cuts. “I don’t know how widely known this proposal...
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