Padden’s rapid response to Supreme Court public-safety ruling signed by governor

By Mike Padden | Published: July 07, 2015
Bill restores pretrial-monitoring tool for protecting the public On June 11 the state Supreme Court ruled that the costs for pre-trial drug and alcohol monitoring fit under the statutory meaning of “pretrial supervision,” limiting the ability of courts to order these protective measures in cash-strapped counties. By July 6 – just 25 days later –...
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Following historic session for early learning, Early Start Act signed into law

By Steve Litzow | Published: July 06, 2015
More Washington children will begin kindergarten prepared to succeed following passage of the Early Start Act, sponsored by Sen. Steve Litzow. The landmark bipartisan legislation, which was signed into law by the governor today, will provide parents with access to high quality early learning programs. It sets quality standards for early learning and provides support...
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Early Start Act passes Legislature

By Steve Litzow | Published: July 02, 2015
Tuesday the legislature passed landmark legislation to get children to school ready to succeed. The Early Start Act, sponsored by Rep. Ruth Kagi and Sen. Steve Litzow sets quality standards for early learning, and provides support to early learning educators in child care and pre-school settings across the state. “High quality early learning is a proven...
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Bipartisan budget fully funds education, reduces tuition without new taxes

By Andy Hill | Published: July 01, 2015
Sen. Andy Hill today released a final bipartisan two-year operating budget that fully funds education, reduces college tuition and protects the social safety net without raising new taxes. “We began this year with the goal of fully funding education and ensuring a sustainable future for the state,” said Hill, chair of the Ways and Means...
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Legislature passes Brown plan to encourage job growth

By Sharon Brown | Published: June 30, 2015
Invest in Washington Jobs pilot program would help create new manufacturing and construction jobs Sen. Sharon Brown, chair of the Senate Trade and Economic Development Committee, has made attracting employers to Washington and helping them create jobs her top priorities since coming to the Senate. Today, the Legislature passed her “Invest in Washington” jobs plan,...
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Legislature backs Padden’s bill on pretrial drug and alcohol monitoring

By Mike Padden | Published: June 30, 2015
Today the House of Representatives voted 92-6 to pass a measure sponsored by Sen. Mike Padden, aimed at improving public safety by making it more practical for courts to order pretrial drug and alcohol monitoring. “There are often real-world consequences to Supreme Court decisions,” said Padden, who chairs the Senate Law and Justice Committee. “Senate...
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