Senate Majority Coalition Caucus elects 2017 senior leadership

By Majority Coalition Caucus | Published: November 15, 2016
The Senate Majority Coalition Caucus today elected senior leaders for the caucus and the Washington state Senate. The MCC filled its top leadership spots with senior senators. Leadership positions carry a 2-year term and new leaders begin their duties immediately. “We’re anxious to start the 2017 legislative session. We have some big issues to tackle,...
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VIDEO: Charter Local Edition NW w/Sen. Sharon Brown

By Sharon Brown | Published: August 02, 2016
Sen. Sharon Brown (R-Kennewick) discusses nuclear power, small modular reactors and economic development with Charter Local Edition’s Dana Cowley.
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Building Insight Magazine: Streamlining Government

By Sharon Brown | Published: June 07, 2016
By State Senator Sharon Brown …As chair of the Senate Trade and Economic Development Committee, I’m fighting to shrink government while streamlining the way it interacts with businesses. A business that has fewer regulations to deal with has more time and resources to expend elsewhere. That translates into a reinvestment in the business (i.e. creating...
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VIDEO: WA Ports and Jobs

By Pam Roach | Published: June 06, 2016
Filmed on location at the South Harbor of the Northwest Seaport Alliance (formerly known as the Port of Tacoma), this video takes an in depth look at issues facing Washington’s ports. Sen. Pam Roach, chair of the Senate Government Operations Committee, discusses the importance of keeping Washington’s ports competitive and its link to job creation. ...
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In the News: State has much to learn from Panama Canal

By Pam Roach | Published: May 09, 2016
BY SEN. PAM ROACH …After leading a recent two-day fact-finding mission to the Panama Canal, I returned with an urgent warning for my fellow lawmakers: We need to get serious about making our ports more competitive. Other West Coast ports are meeting, and in some cases exceeding, the advantages of our deepwater ports. If we...
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Rivers’ corrections-partnership bill a ‘game changer’ for law enforcement

By Ann Rivers | Published: April 19, 2016
It was 2011, and Clark County detective Jason Granneman was fed up. As a law-enforcement officer he came into daily contact with individuals who were serving the remainder of their sentences in the community, instead of behind bars, sometimes for months or even years. Officially they are in “community corrections” status; however, because they are...
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