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Becker seeks to address ‘unconscionable’ agency actions with stricter oversight

By Randi Becker | Published on February 15, 2017
Sen. Randi Becker says the effectiveness of court-ordered drug and alcohol counseling for those convicted of driving under the influence has been compromised by the mismanagement of complaints and the settlement process for license violations by those trusted to hold counseling providers accountable.   Becker, R-Eatonville, has responded with Senate Bill 5705, which would require... Read More

Becker to continue work as chair of Senate Health Care Committee

By Randi Becker | Published on December 17, 2014
When the Legislature reconvenes in January, Sen. Randi Becker will once again be at the helm of the Senate Health Care Committee. Members of the Senate Majority Coalition Caucus tapped Becker for another stint when they met Monday to determine who would lead the Senate committees for the next two years. “Without a doubt, my heart... Read More