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57 Seconds: higher education

By Joe Fain | Published on March 07, 2016
Senator Joe Fain breaks down Washington’s public higher education system and how tuition works in 57 Seconds. Read More

Update on transportation investment package

By Joe Fain | Published on June 28, 2015
As state lawmakers continue working to find agreement on major new transportation investments Sen. Curtis King, chair of the Senate Transportation Committee, and Sen. Joe Fain, vice chair of the transportation budget, released this statement: “We appreciate the difficult decision the governor has made and applaud him for not allowing a single issue to stand... Read More

Fain proposal hopes to expedite future state-budget negotiations

By Joe Fain | Published on June 23, 2015
The Washington state budget affects everyone in the state, but too often in recent years completing a budget has required lawmakers to go into multiple overtime sessions. With that in mind Sen. Joe Fain today introduced a bill that would reduce the time lawmakers can raise money for their re-election campaigns if they do not... Read More

Western Hockey League teams protected by new legislation

By Joe Fain | Published on May 18, 2015
The Western Hockey League provides an important opportunity for young amateur hockey players to develop their skills and earn college scholarships. However, four Washington teams including the Kent-based Thunderbirds faced potential shutdown after a complaint filed with the state claimed players were professional athletes and therefore subject to certain wage and labor laws. Recognizing the... Read More

Foster youth with medical concerns to receive extended care

By Joe Fain | Published on May 12, 2015
Foster youth often face a difficult transition into adulthood when services typically end. Legislation signed into law Monday, sponsored by Sen. Joe Fain and Rep. Tina Orwall, will provide extended benefits to young adults ages 19-21 with medical conditions who do not already qualify for extended foster care, which requires them to be enrolled in... Read More

Washington State Lottery…In 57 Seconds

By Joe Fain | Published on April 15, 2015
Why is there an education funding crisis in Washington if the Lottery was supposed to fund schools? Learn the truth behind the lottery: how much it raises and where does that money go in this week’s episode of 57 Seconds. Read More

WA tuition increases second highest in nation before Senate froze rates

By Joe Fain | Published on May 06, 2014
Sen. Joe Fain with students and faculty from Highline Community College. A new study released May 1 showed that students at Washington’s public colleges and universities faced the second highest tuition increase in the country following the economic recession in 2008. Despite the substantial cost shift to students and families, Sen. Joe Fain believes the... Read More

Foster youth support enhanced through proven program

By Joe Fain | Published on May 01, 2014
When foster youth turn 19 years old they often face a difficult transition into adulthood, which the state Legislature has tried to address in recent years through extended services. Sen. Joe Fain has worked to pass legislation since 2012 – most recently during the 2014 session – to extend foster care benefits to 19 to... Read More