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Senate majority unites behind measure to stop unfair Sound Transit taxes

By Steve O'Ban | Published on March 16, 2017
New O’Ban-Rossi bill would prohibit state from collecting taxes for regional agency Yesterday, the Senate’s Republican-led Majority Coalition Caucus increased pressure on Sound Transit to treat its taxpayers fairly by proposing that the state Department of Licensing stop collecting the transit agency’s inflated car-tab taxes. “If Sound Transit wants to tax people on a false vehicle... Read More

Becker seeks to address ‘unconscionable’ agency actions with stricter oversight

By Randi Becker | Published on February 15, 2017
Sen. Randi Becker says the effectiveness of court-ordered drug and alcohol counseling for those convicted of driving under the influence has been compromised by the mismanagement of complaints and the settlement process for license violations by those trusted to hold counseling providers accountable.   Becker, R-Eatonville, has responded with Senate Bill 5705, which would require... Read More

Bailey bill ensures Kelley won’t boost pension during his unpaid leave

By Barbara Bailey - Majority Whip | Published on May 14, 2015
As state Auditor Troy Kelley takes time off to defend himself against accusations of lying, cheating and stealing, a bill sponsored by state Sen. Barbara Bailey, R-Oak Harbor, ensures he won’t rack up credit toward a state pension. Her measure would block statewide elected officials who are under felony indictment from garnering “service credit” when... Read More

O’Ban wants inquiry on why caseworker in horrific child abuse case was promoted

By Steve O'Ban | Published on December 30, 2014
KING 5 Story: Sen. O’Ban wants answers and change. As chair of the Senate Human Services, Mental Health & Housing Committee, he sees systemic problems at DSHS where there is little accountability and plans legislative action. A child is completely disabled after a CPS worker failed to comply with basic protocol. That worker was recently... Read More