Super Bowl XLVIII Wager


12th ManMembers from both parties in the Washington State Senate proposed a friendly wager with Colorado for the upcoming Super Bowl. See the letter sent to the Colorado Senate Majority Leader below.

12th Man

20140108_LegWA_0031abTO: The Honorable Rollie Heath, Colorado Senate Majority Leader

FROM: Senator Rodney Tom, Washington State Senate Majority Leader

RE: Super Bowl XLVIII Wager


Greetings from Washington State,

On behalf of all Seahawks fans we are excited about the opportunity to play Denver in the Super Bowl this year. It will be an exciting game with Seattle’s number one ranked defense taking on the number one ranked offense in the League. The last time this happened in 1990, the defense came out on top. This is also the first time in two decades that the top seeds in conference have played in the Super Bowl.

To commemorate this occasion, I am proposing a friendly wager along with my Senate colleagues. The winner will receive a gift basket with donated items from Senators that represent their respective state. In the unlikely event should you win, we propose to send Smoked Salmon, Almond Roca, Cougar Cheese, Aplets and Cotlets, Mingleman’s Coffee, Gosanko Chocolates, Bainbridge Island Gin, Taffy, Costco Gift Card, wine, Tulip Bulbs, Seafood and more.

We expect the Seahawks to win and are looking forward to enjoying some of the best that Colorado has to offer. In the spirit of friendly competition, we wish you the best of luck.

Go Hawks!


In Friendship,


Rodney Tom,

Washington State Senate Majority Leader

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